#8: A safe harbor retirement plan is better for employees.

My new CPA shook her head. “It’s terrible. You’re too young not to contribute the full amount to your retirement plan. Can you get a different job?” I appreciate the frankness of my new CPA. She’s right—I am too young not to contribute the full amount to my retirement plan. But is getting a new job my only option? And what put me in this position to begin with?

#5: I Want to Make Passive Income.

Now, the point of this post is not to diss the traditional Office Job. As a single mom with financial obligations up her pencil skirt, I rely on income in the form of frequent and regular deposits into my checking account. The point of this post is that I recently learned there are other—dare I say more efficient?—ways of making money.

#4: Most of the Money in the U.S. Economy is Fake.

We’re only 3 singers deep into what must be a vast R&B network of friends, and already my initial deposit of $1 was turned into $1 in my pocket plus $0.90 in Beyoncé’s plus $0.81 in Jay-Z’s plus $0.73 in Rhianna’s thanks to fractional reserving.  In total the four of us now have $3.44 to spend, but only $1 of it is real. Sounds like song lyrics, doesn’t it?